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Most Entertaining Mashup Ever (This Month.)


Apropos of Coffee

Earlier today, I could not quite recall where I had seen a scene where someone had been hit in the head by a flying coffee cup.

Thankfully, the Internet exists to rediscover things like this.  After viewing the link on YouTube, I was reminded of the scene from “The Big Lebowski” where The Dude is discussing his visit to Malibu.


Perfect way to start a Monday morning.

The Human Planet: The Douche

Pure genius.

Among the progressive, forward-thinking citizens, there stands a great cancer.  A type of human that has not evolved like the rest of the race–the Douche.


Sad Men

boingboing strikes again!

I continue to be fascinated as to how easily the new Speaker of the House is moved to tears.  What better way to share those tears than to cry alongside Don Draper and (shudder) Glenn Beck.

Rollin on Dubs…Sort of…

Via boingboing

I could not resist.

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