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My original departing flight from BWI was cancelled last night, and I was rescheduled to leave this afternoon at 2 PM.  That flight was also cancelled, and I have been rebooked on a flight departing at 7:45 PM.  I checked in with my friends who are there, and the snow in Boston is supposed to end this afternoon.  According to them, it is coming down pretty good.

I am keeping my fingers crossed, but here’s hoping I get off the ground this evening.


I like the cold just like any other guy, but for about the last two weeks my office has been downright cold.  You know it’s bad when my hands are freezing.  It’s like I am working in the old machine room I worked in at UMD.


Problem exists between keyboard and chair–good description for the problem I am addressing today at the office.

Good Winning

I opted to skip last night’s happy hour, as I had a better offer. (No offense to those who attended the happy hour. Maybe another time.) I decided that dinner at SoBo Cafe followed by trivia at No Idea Tavern was a much better alternative. Besides, I had a craving for SoBo’s delicious mac’n’cheese, a meal in itself.

How did I follow-up such a good dinner? I went out and played trivia with some friends. We played as J’s Harem–the team consisted of me and five lovely ladies. We won the game and enjoyed some beers to boot. Kneel before me and worship my trivia mastery!

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