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Star Wars Comes to Blu-Ray — SOLD

I will be sure to purchase Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-Ray when it comes out in September.   If you have yet to see the trailer shown during its announcement, it’s available here.

I cannot resist the lure of lining George Lucas’ pockets with more of my hard-earned dollars in an effort to recapture that which so captivated me in my youth.  Sarcasm aside, even with this being the Lucas-tampered versions of the original trilogy, I am certain to enjoy it in all its high-def glory.

Toolbar Nightmare

Today’s Dilbert cartoon reminded me of what I have seen every time I am called upon to help someone with their computer.  I am truly flabbergasted by the number of toolbars added onto their browser.

Fortunately, someone has yet to ask me to write down anything important I see on the Internet.

Bandwidth Concerns

With all the conversation around the FCC’s Broadband Plan, I decided to see what my bandwidth speeds were lately.  My latest test shows my download and upload speeds to be quite good.

I think I can deal with 21 Mb/s down and 3.5 Mb/s up.

I also discovered someone linking to an image on my blog.  Now, my concern is certainly not over the bandwidth consumption.  The fine host I have–A2 Hosting–is quite generous with my bandwidth caps, and my blog is by no means famous.  Still, it was the principle of it all.  I made some edits to my .htaccess file, and the page linked above now has one of the more legendary images to make the rounds on the Internet.

24 Season 8 Starts in 10 Days

After the holidays, my other favorite time of year has arrived. It is time for the premiere of 24. On Sunday, 17 January 2010 at 8:00 PM, the 24 geekfest will commence.  My anticipation is starting to build.

The usual rules still apply while watching 24:

  • Do not bother me during an episode.
    • No calls will be answered.
    • No emails will be written.
    • No tweets will be made.
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