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Six Weeks

I received a call earlier this week from Red Tree that the chairs I ordered for my dining table back in February should arrive in 6 weeks.  It would appear that the Indonesian child worker crafting my chairs has completed their work.

So, in 6 weeks, I will finally be able to sit at my dining room table.  Yes, procrastination was most certainly king on this front for me.  Those of you who have joked will have little reason to do so much longer.

A Lesson in Crisis Aversion

In Thursday’s early morning monsoon, I fumbled my Motorola RAZR2 into a nice puddle. I immediately thought the worst, and my concern was what to do with the impending death of my personal cell phone. The problem I was now facing was even worse, as I do not have the optional phone insurance. I decided to not invest in that money-making scheme, given my relatively high rate of success with phones.

I gave the phone a day, letting it dry out completely. After it failed to come back up, I decided to traipse down to my local Verizon Wireless store to confirm that the phone was dead. I waited to talk to one of the techs and explained the situation. They pretty much confirmed what I thought–the phone was dead and I would have to pay close to full retail to replace the phone. In this instant, I was reminded of the problem with the subsidized cell phone services here in the States.

I decided to wait and talk to Customer Service to see what they recommended, and pretty much my alternative was to pay $50 less than the retail price or to get a different phone. After looking at the potential phones available to me and considering looking online, I decided to go back to my old phone–the trusty Motorola e815.

After getting everything setup on my old phone, I decided to play around with my RAZR2. Something strange popped into my head, and I decided to plug the phone in and let it get charged up. When I plugged it in, I got the usual boot menu the phone gives, and it continued to take a charge.

After some time charging, I decided to power the phone up. Lo and behold, the phone worked. I went online and reactivated my RAZR2, and it has been working just as expected. There appears to be no loss in functionality, and it works just as it did before. The crisis has truly been averted, and I will not have to buy a replacement phone.

One of the lessons here is that apparently, the technical staff at Verizon Wireless stores is not as savvy as I thought they were. Of course, this should not be terribly surprising to me as it is. Secondly, for a long-time customer, I was surprised there was not something else they could do for me.

Economic Stimulus My…

The economic stimulus payments that were part of the legislation that Congress passed earlier this year started being mailed out and deposited into the accounts of taxpayers earlier this month. Yesterday, I received my stimulus payment via direct deposit to my bank.

Econ Stimulus Payment

Wow.  The government wants me to stimulate the economy with $13.85.  Looks like that will either buy me lunch or a couple of beers.  Needless to say, my stimulating of the economy will be slight.

The End of a Trusted Coffee Mug

One of the travel coffee mugs I have acquired from Starbucks over the years has finally decided to give up the ghost.  The piece that actually snaps in and seals the drink opening has finally become detached–it lost a pin.  Now I have to set about and find a replacement.

My quest for a new travel mug to add to the assortment begins anew.  Say what you will about Starbucks coffee, but I have found their travel mugs actually tend to be pretty good.  At some point this weekend, I am going to have to pay them a visit and see what they have on hand.

Drinking the Kool-Aid

I have drank the Kool-Aid and given in to the pressure.  My Dell DJ died a rather unspectacular death yesterday, freezing upon a screen image text “FIRMWARE PROBLEM.”  I knew this day would come, but I had always wanted to avoid it.

After much hemming and hawing, I was deciding between the Zune2 (the 80GB version) and the iPod Classic.  Indeed, after my railing against Apple, I was considering the very bane of my existence as my new music player.  I needed something for this weekend, as I am heading down to see my grandfather, so I called around to see who had a Zune, and I was disappointed that there are really none to be had.

I made a call to the Best Buy downtown, and I looked to see what they had in stock since they are right next to my office.  I was vanquished again in my Zune search, but they had an iPod Classic in stock, 80GB.  I put it on hold, and I stepped out around lunch time to make the purchase.

I like the form factor compared to my old brick, the Dell DJ. I still find iTunes to be an unwieldly beast, and I will need another day to get used to it.

I will miss my trusty DJ, and I will be taking it apart to see what, if anything, is salvageable.  Heck, it might be interesting to experiment with as an external drive.  Nonetheless, that little piece of electronics is worthy of a Viking funeral.

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