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The Height of Pretentiousness

Am I alone in finding the signatures that the iPhone and iPad append to emails sent from them to be annoying?  Admittedly, I also find this behavior to be annoying with email sent from Blackberry devices.  I do not disagree that there is value in an email signature–telephone numbers and mailing addresses are handy to have from time to time.  A signature telling me the device you are using, though, offers little value.  In a reply to an email, the device signature is just cluttering up the message thread.

Do we really need to know what device you used to reply to my email?  Furthermore, do I need to see it in every reply in an email thread?  The same behavior is not done when I use the fat-client on my desktop, and it is certainly not done when I happen to use my Blackberry.  Imagine how annoying it would be if every reply to an email contained my standard email signature.  Better yet, imagine email replies containing “Sent using Outlook 2007.”  This issue has been exacerbated by the preponderance of iPads being used at the most senior levels within my corporate master, and an email I received this weekend was the last straw.

By all means, show off your overpriced iPod Touch groundbreaking computing device, but do us all a favor: turn off the signature that says “Sent using my device of the moment.”  Your signature is doing nothing but displaying an overbearing sense of pretentiousness and self-worth by advertising your device as a status symbol to the rest of the “unwashed masses.”  So, please, turn it off!


  1. Paul

    I certainly hope you found the ‘Sent from my Blackberry’ equally pretentiousness when it was the ‘hot new IT phone’.

  2. JJT

    @Paul: I certainly did, and, when I was provided a work Blackberry, it was the first thing I turned off. There is just no place for device signatures.

  3. Paul

    Just like I did with my iPhone. 🙂

    It could be that the masses that don’t are too dumb or too lazy to change the signature line. (Of course for each of those I’d bet there are an equal number who want you to know they have an iPhone/iPad)

  4. JJT

    Interestingly, this was not something that I had to do with my Android phone. I do think, though, that your statement is correct–they’re either dumb, lazy, or gloating.

  5. Alex

    Give its ubiquity, I had no idea you *could* turn it off until now. Turns out it’s pretty damned simple.

    From home, tap Settings, then Mail, then Signature. From there, you can either blank the signature or put something else in there.

  6. Patrick

    In the workplace, the BB signature is sometimes useful when a supervisor is sending it so you know they aren’t at their desk and need to be brief in a response (or explains if they were brief in their message). This all depends on the situation and I definitely understand how it’s annoying when attached to the end of everything they send.

  7. JJT

    @Alex: Shockingly simple, so why don’t more people turn it off? I also feel, in the case of both Apple and RIM, this is advertising for their devices.

    @Patrick: While that’s nice, I think the same can be accomplished by merely stating at the beginning of an email something to the effect of “Apologies for the brevity of my response, but I am writing this from my mobile device.”

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