This evening, while grabbing a quick bite to eat from the local Safeway, I was reminded of why I never shop there.  As I stood waiting in the Express lane, I was the second person behind a woman who decided that she would break her purchase out among a couple of different credit cards.  This process went on for what seemed like forever, as the woman had the cashier remove items from her bill to get one of the cards to process.  At the end, the woman had to scrounge for change from her wallet.  If memory serves, the final amount needed was .69 cents. If I had loose change, I would have thrown it down on the belt.

On top of this, I was able to watch one of the people who lurk outside the store trying to sell what I can only guess were stolen DVDs.  Wonderful.

I love my neighborhood, but it’s times like these when I am so glad I choose to shop elsewhere.  No more visits to the Safeway in my neighborhood, that’s for sure.