Just a quick post from Atlanta, as I gank some free wireless using my older laptop.

  • Whoever called this place Hotlanta is sadly mistaken.  In my second day here, it has actually gotten colder.  WTF?!?!?!  If I wanted New England weather, I would have traveled north to Boston.  It is pretty windy and cold here today.
  • Watching yesterday’s games were awesome.  LSU upsetting Duke was awesome.  The photo to the right was just one scene of many to enjoy.  My voice was a little sore following my cheering against the hated Dookies, and for a brief moment, I was actually cheering on the LSU Tigers.  I will not, nor will I ever, cheer Geux Tigers (I have to agree with the two a-holes).  Even better was the Kentucky fan who had her photo taken with our “Duke SUCKS!” banner (bigger story on that later).  JJ Sux!
  • The end of the second game was exciting, too.  Nothing like a last minute “3” to seal the win for Texas.

Time to enjoy the rest of the day and more drunkenness.