Playing catchup after my weekend unplug, I came across a couple of blog posts concerning email. The first post–from former Mac evangelist turned venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki–is a good summary of what I think are important when it comes to email. I realize the topic is a dead horse I keep beating, but email is such a useful tool that many of us–myself included at times–just plain abuse. Go peruse how to be The Effective Emailer, and spread it among your friends. Just maybe these little rules will catch on.

Of course, with email comes the ever-burgeoning Inbox. Merlin Mann–lifehacker extraordinaire at 43 Folders–has compiled a post with links to many of his various methods for taming our Inboxes. He makes an excellent point: the wonderful tool that email was envisioned to be has become the scourge for many of us. Some of the tips are quite Mac-centric, but there are some good ones that are universally applicable and help all of us in Becoming an Email Ninja.

Now, go read and stop sending me HTML mail. 😉