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Windows 7, In All Its 64-Bit Glory

There has been much technical work going on in my house of late.  I was the fortunate soul who had to deal with machines that have required hard drive replacements for a variety of reasons.  Thus, I decided to call the last two weeks “Nerd-a-Palooza.”

The final event of Nerd-a-Palooza was to install the released version of Windows 7 Home Premium on my home desktop.  I opted for a fresh installation of 64-bit Windows to take advantage of the hardware I have.

I used the Windows Easy Transfer tool–the same tool I used when I upgraded to the Windows 7 RC.  Aside from the effort it took for me to reinstall all of my applications, everything has worked pretty seamlessly.

Personally, I am pretty happy with the finished product.  Windows 7 performs capably, and it is working quite nicely on my machine.  Given that I opted for the Home Premium as opposed to the Professional upgrade, there are some applications I need to get on my own, I really could not argue with an upgrade price below $50.

This is an upgrade that an early adopter heartily recommends for even the greenest of computer users.

Windows 7 RC

Just some quick thoughts on the Windows 7 RC that was released earlier this month.

I finally had time to install it last weekend, and, for the most part, it has been trouble-free.  For the installation, I opted not to hack the installation to allow for an upgrade from the Beta.  Instead, I took Ed Bott’s advice and backed up everything using the Windows Easy Transfer Utility.  It backed up all of my documents and settings to an external drive, and then I performed a clean install of Windows 7 RC.

Admittedly, I had to spend some time reinstalling applications, but I am used to this from before.  For the most part, that was easy since I have the installation media handy for most of my applications.  For those items I download, I tend to save them in a place just for this purpose.

I have only had two problems.  One is something I have had since the Beta, and the other was a strange one.

  • BlackBerry Desktop Manager and Leaked BlackBerry OSs
    • The desktop manager refuses to see the leaked version of the BlackBerry OS I want to install to my Storm.  While not a show-stopper, I can easily boot into Windows XP for this purpose.  Of course, I need to get my Windows XP partition working as expected, but I should be able to do that in no time (stupid boot menus).  This problem has existed since the RC, though.  The method one uses to install a new OS to their BlackBerry device is to download the package, install it locally, then connect the device and let it receive the update.  When I connect the device, though, it fails to see the availability of a newer OS.
  • Strange Blue Screen Crashes
    • For two consecutive days, I noticed my machine had experienced a reboot shortly after it went into some sleep/power-save mode.  I tend to keep my machine on, but this was downright annoying.  I disabled the power-save settings in use, and the problem has not returned.  I think the problem is probably driver related, so I am starting with a BIOS update, then going from there.

As with the Beta, I really like what I see in the RC.  Everything is smooth and fast, and I have not had any hardware issues following the installation.  For the most part, I look forward to the final release of Windows 7.

Productivity, I Has It

This weekend–as I avoided the bane of Valentine’s Day–was a productive one.  Unfortunately, it did involve me spending more money on groceries than I have in quite some time thanks to my house guest.

Here is how productive I have been:

  • the home office has been cleaned
  • photos have been uploaded to Flickr
  • bills have been paid
  • laundry is done
  • shirts have been ironed
  • lunch for tomorrow has been made
  • iPod has been synced for tomorrow

I also learned some important lessons this weekend as I continue to play with my BlackBerry Storm.  Although I was able to successfully install a new version of the OS courtesy of, I learned that it does not play well with Verizon.  For example, I had phone and data, but I was unable to get the browser to work.  I also learned that the power management features of Windows 7 does not play well when performing OS updates to a BlackBerry device via USB.

In any event, I was able to save the day on both counts.  I rolled back the OS to the current version from Verizon without losing any data, and I modified the power management settings for the USB Root Hub in Windows 7.  All in all, it was not a lost effort.

At some level, though, me thinks this is telling me that I need to get out more.

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