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Achieving New Levels of Laziness

After what seems like three busy weeks at work, I decided that I was going to sleep in this morning.  Easier said than done.  From 7:00 AM onward, I merely tossed and turned, not really sleeping in.  At 9:00 AM, I opted to read the fiction novel I have been reading, and by noon, I had finished it.  My goal had been achieved: I had at least did nothing but laze around my house.

I hit the gym for a nice hour long workout.  This week was a lost gym week, but I opted to make up for it today.  After the workout, I hit Spoons for an Americano and went home.

Tonight, I am joining some friends at the Captain to celebrate my friend’s girlfriend’s birthday.  Other than that, though, this has been an exceedingly lazy day.

Running to Stand Still

Making use of a U2 song from the Joshua Tree, it pretty much sums up this week. Here it is Wednesday evening, and I am trying to get a handle on all of the things I need to get done.

  • I enjoyed the “snowpocalypse” we enjoyed on Monday.  It’s always nice to see that our forecasters are pretty spot-on when it comes to snow forecasts.
  • I purchases the digital version of the new U2 album, No Line on the Horizon, from the Amazon MP3 Store on Tuesday morning.  I have been enjoying it, but I need to give it another listen.
  • Tuesday afternoon was review day for my team.  I received my review, and I also sat in on the reviews of my team.  I cannot complain, especially given what I wrote here earlier.  I was called away during one review, but all in all things went well.
  • On Tuesday night, I joined my friends for dinner at Corks to avail ourselves of their half-price Cab and Steak night.  I enjoyed an incredibly delicious rib-eye as I shared a nice bottle of Cabernet–Tefethen–with my friends.  While decadent, it was delicious.
  • I am putting feelers out for those wishing to participate in a summertime excursion to see Jimmy Buffett.  I am not a huge Buffett fan, but I have been told that the concert is always a good time.  Who’s interested for a Buffett bus trip in June?

I’m getting off of this thing and the Internet.  Way too much spent online lately.  Time to read more of “Legacy of Ashes“.

The Snowpocalypse—Not Really

The fear and panic that was whipped up yesterday about reports of our impending doom by a large snowstorm hitting the Baltimore area was something I decided to call the “snowpocalypse.”  Forecasters everywhere were predicting large snowfall totals, and, in typical Baltimore fashion, everyone ran to their nearest grocery store to stock up on storm essentials. 

Upon my rising this morning, it did not seem like much to talk about.  The coming snowpocalypse predicted last night was not as terrible as predicted.  Snowpocalypse has become more like snowfizzle. 

Still, I opted to skip the gym this morning.  We did receive the email stating that non-essential employees can arrive later than usual.  Instead, I am going to get ready and head into the office earlier than usual to beat the rush.  Today’s also going to be a day I drive in instead of walking. 

So, safe travels.  Time for me to throw some salt out on the front stoop and get on with the morning. 

Rough Start to My Day

Yesterday, I worked from home for part of the day while I took my mother off to run some errands as I get her back where she needs to be and out of my house.  So, I was in bed at a decent hour last night, and I woke up this morning ready for the gym. 

Of course, once I got to the gym, the world began to conspire against me. 

  1. Gym opens at 6:00 AM, but I and a few others arrive at the door a few minutes early.  We proceed to stand outside the door looking in until the clock hits 6 and the staff decide to let us in.  Nothing like standing in the cold to get you ready to workout. 
  2. I stash my gym bag and coat in the locker room, and I proceed to grab a treadmill I like for my morning climb as I call it.  I step away for a quick drink of water and to grab a magazine, and I see an older woman approaching and starting to get ready on the treadmill.  Her friend—probably her equal in age—proceeds to ask if I can move to another treadmill.  Nevermind that I had effectively claimed said treadmill by putting my iPod and towel on the treadmill.  As I am a hopeless sap, I give in and give the treadmill to the old buzzard woman. 
  3. I move to working out on an elliptical in the hopes that the old buzzards women finish their workout before, allowing me to reclaim my treadmill.  Naturally, that does not happen and I go the full 30 minutes on the elliptical. 
  4. As I end my workout on the elliptical—nearing the end of my 5 minute cooldown—my elliptical machine suddenly loses all power.  I am left their sputtering a series of curse words, wondering what in the bloody hell happened.  The power comes back on, but my workout is now done.  As I get off the elliptical, I see one of the trainers who earlier watched me for a few minutes in the cold.  I also see the power outlet nearby the weight stack of the machine his client was using.  Some deductive reasoning leads me to believe that he nudged the power to my elliptical while throwing some plates on his client’s weight machine.  I continue muttering to myself a series of unspeakable words.  I can also tell that the trainer knows he caused my “outage,” as he does not make any eye contact with me as I leave the machine and walk right behind him. 
  5. The old buzzard woman has still not cleared off my treadmill, so I decide to go for a shorter 20 minute run.  The treadmill I am on does not seem to have any flex in the deck, and I move to an adjacent treadmill after 8 minutes.  The new treadmill is 100 times better, and I finish my run there. 

So, after all of this, I then run home to get ready for work and some early morning meetings—the first of which was at 9 AM.  Heckuva way to start the day. 

Another Edition of Random Thoughts

  • Apparently, I am in need of a tailor.  My usual tailor and dry cleaner has not been too good to me, lately.  Needless to say, I have a sweater that is in dire need of some repair.  Any suggestions for a good tailor?  Preferably, South Baltimore.  I will travel in the city, however. 
  • Lately, Facebook has been the place where friends I have not seen in some time from childhood—middle school and high school—have found me.  I am not complaining, but it has been both fun and scary.  Makes you think how much some people have grown up. 
  • Work has been insanely busy this week.  More on that later.
  • Next week, I plan to take a personal day off to run my mother around for her errands.  For both of our interests, and probably my partial sanity, I need to get moving on getting her out of my house and into one of her own. 
  • Again, I have to wonder how I ever lived before getting a DVR.  It has made my entertainment so much easier.  Even moreso, with my mother around disrupting my television routine, it has been a godsend.  If you watch any television, get a DVR just to make your life easier. 
  • Speaking of television, it is time for me to upgrade my viewing experience.  I have only done some cursory reviews of flat-panel televisions, but it is high time I started doing some research.  I think my lone splurge is going to be on a new television, mainly to allow me to really reconfigure my living room.  Recommendations and advice are very welcome. 
  • I still am enjoying this season of 24.  I know last week’s episode was one of those bridge episodes, so next week’s should be awesome.  Even better, though, Agent Renee Walker is hot.  And, in the last episode, they brought Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce back!  Awesome! 
  • I really like my Storm. 
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