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I was reminded today that yesterday was the one-year anniversary of my grandfather’s passing.  I also remembered that I have not visited that side of my family since my grandfather’s funeral and Thanksgiving last year. I was reminded of how close I was to both he and my grandmother, and how much I truly miss them.

There have been lots of things that have conspired against me to keep me away from seeing my family–some good, some bad, and some professional.  Still, I am looking forward to seeing everyone. It has been way too long.  Still, that is a poor excuse for not seeing one’s family.  I will do better.

Hello Old Friend

In the words of one of my favorite musical artists, “Hello Old Friend.  It’s really good to see you once again.”  It has been a while since I have updated the blog, but I thought I would take some time to bring the three people who read this thing up to date.

In my professional life, work has been keeping me busy, for a variety of different reasons.  As one of my staff moved to an internal position, I have had to work with my remaining staff to take on my former charge’s tasks.  I think that change combined with my efforts to fill the position have taken their toll.  Some other organizational change is afoot, and with changes such as this, there are always some growing pains.  I am interested in the outcome.

In my personal life,  a degree of normalcy has been restored.  As of today, I am now the sole resident of my home once again.  My houseguest–my mother–has moved into her place, and I think it is a good move for her (and for me).  I have enjoyed the new-found freedom I have once again in my house.  No more weekend afternoons of NASCAR, weekday evenings of Oriole games, and other televised things.  For all of my complaining, I think this time has done both of us some good.  Still, there is something to be said for having the complete and unfettered use of my home once again.

On other fronts, I am doing quite well.

An All Too Brief Weekend

Last weekend was all too brief, and, as my weekends have become, full of activity both mundance and exciting.  Of course, the concept of exciting is a relative one.

  • Friday Evening
    • A farewell happy hour for a contractor becomes a longer evening of conversation and beverages.  A good time was had, but I wound up staying out much later than expected.
  • Saturday
    • Early morning errands following a quick workout.  Groceries from Wegmans, some house-sitting to check in on my friends’ cats, picking up some dry cleaning, and other miscellany.  I am convinced to come out for a CD release party at the 8×10, and I wind up having a nightcap.  While heading to my usual location, I ran into a high school friend of mine I have not seen for some time–near 15 years.  I now have his business card, and I will be getting in touch with him soon.
  • Sunday
    • Some local folks I know from the Internets convinced me to participate in a “Sunday Funday” duck tour.  Prior to meeting everyone in Fell’s Point, though, I stop off at the Farmer’s Market beneath the Jones Falls Expressway for some essentials–vegetables and coffee.  It is then that I realize that even 8:30 AM is not early enough to avoid the onslaught of slow-walking and stroller-wielding shoppers.  Clearly, I am not one for large crowds where I shop.

Sunday evening was spent in relative solitude, and I wound up napping on my couch for a little bit before going to bed.  I am, however, looking forward to this holiday-shortened week.  It will also help that I will be taking a couple of days off this week in addition to the company holiday.

Tool Time

As I work best from lists, I thought I would post a list here of the various things I need to do around the house.  Having someone else in the house has made certain things a bit more obvious than they otherwise would be.

In no particular order, here they are for me to work on this weekend.

  • Fix squeaking doors–front door, rear door, and bathroom door.
  • Fix front door sweep.
  • Clean oven.
  • Clean refrigerator interior.
  • Thoroughly clean home office.
  • Perform a purge of magazines.
  • Investigate and correct hum that now comes from ceiling fan in master bedroom.

With this list of things, I figure I will strap my toolbelt on this weekend, like Tom Silva, This Old House-style.


Remembrances of Things Past

I came across the following photo a few weeks ago.  OH, YEAAHH!


A friend of mine from college posted on Facebook some of the funny photos he has accumulated over the years, and he had one similar to this.  I remember the story behind it.

A truck traveling on Rt. 1 near the main entrance to College Park’s campus had swerved and collided with the wall that marked the gate.  If memory serves, this gate had just been remodeled not long before this accident.  The hole in the wall remained there for most of the week.

On my way into work the morning after this prank was pulled, I saw the Kool-Aid Man at the entrance.  I chuckled to myself on the way to work.  Shortly after that, though, the facilities people at campus removed Kool-Aid Man.  At the time, I never did get a photo to commemorate the moment.  Thankfully, someone else did.

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