Advertising Circular Roundup: 13-16 May 2010

Unfortunately, this weekend was a bumper crop for illegal advertising circulars left on or about my front doorstep.  As shown below, there were 3 different circulars left on 13, 14, and 16 May 2010. For the last six days, I have had 4 different circulars left on my front steps.  Unfortunately, the offending business are […]

Advertising Circular Discovery – 11 May 2010

Date: 11 May 2010 Street Address: Scott Street, Baltimore, MD Location: Circulars left on railing of front steps. Number of Circulars: 2 Discovery of Circulars: See image below. Circular 1 Business: Pizza Time, Address: 2511 Washington Boulevard Actual advertisement is photographed below. Circular 2 Business: Wings Things “N” More Address: 3170 Wilkens Avenue Actual advertisement […]