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Not Quite a “Disaster of Biblical Proportions”

But it is a Cat Rave!

Relocating the Circular Watch

More news to come on other spaces, but the location of my personal crusade is moving to its own dedicated site: Baltimore Flyer Watch.

More to come at that new site.

Testing from the Droid Incredible

Testing the ability to post to the blog from my new Droid Incredible.

Looks like this works like a charm.

Bandwidth Concerns

With all the conversation around the FCC’s Broadband Plan, I decided to see what my bandwidth speeds were lately.  My latest test shows my download and upload speeds to be quite good.

I think I can deal with 21 Mb/s down and 3.5 Mb/s up.

I also discovered someone linking to an image on my blog.  Now, my concern is certainly not over the bandwidth consumption.  The fine host I have–A2 Hosting–is quite generous with my bandwidth caps, and my blog is by no means famous.  Still, it was the principle of it all.  I made some edits to my .htaccess file, and the page linked above now has one of the more legendary images to make the rounds on the Internet.

Today’s Inspirational Thought

The following is an edited version of a World War II propaganda poster to support the United States war effort.  Apologies to those who prefer the original, but it is a pretty excellent summation of my current state of mind when dealing with people.

Posting that was cathartic.  I already feel better.

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