Breaking Through the (Pay)Wall

UPDATE: Apparently, my syntax on the custom filters was incorrect.  I have corrected them below.  Limited testing has verified these filters as working in both Firefox and Chrome. The small number of people who follow me on Twitter are well aware of my distaste for the implementation of the paywall on  Given how obstreperous […]

Full of Surprises

I was stunned to find out that my blog was nominated for a Mobbie—Maryland’s Outstanding Blogs.  Frankly, I am have been quite the absentee blogger on account of other things competing for my attention.  Nonetheless, I am humbly honored, but there are far more better blogs out there than mine. Go vote for the better […]

My Boredom with the Continuing Dixon Investigation

In what has been no terrible surprise to me, the investigation into alleged improprieties during Sheila Dixon’s time as President of the Baltimore City Council continues.  You will not count me among one of Sheila Dixon’s vociferous supporters.  As a matter of fact, I can potentially look into getting a bumper sticker that would say: […]

Attempting to Navigate Federal Hill and South Baltimore

Has anyone tried to navigate Federal Hill and South Baltimore by car within the last three months?  The ongoing utility work in that area has made navigating around the main and side streets a nightmare. Although I live nearby these neighborhoods, I do a fair amount of driving over there–running to the gym, the grocery […]