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Damn You, Lucas!

At least he is releasing the trilogy as I remember it.  Unfortunately, it means money spent on another DVD set.  The good part: it will replace the only VHS tapes I have–the original trilogy I bought back in 1997.  Damn you, George Lucas!

Adobe Acrobat is teh sucK!

Why must I use Adobe Acrobat when it is such a bloated, slow, piece of shit software?!?!  And this is only to produce a downloadable form for our website!  I need to find an open-source equivalent for PDF editing–PDFCreator works for one-off PDF creation, but not forms.

Stinkin’ Patches!

Some security updates from our friends in Redmond, Washington are in the pipeline and should be available as of this writing.  You should receive these updates automatically if you are using a fairly recent version of Windows, but if you wish to help the process along pay a visit to Windows Update and select all of the Critical Patches it says you need.

Just another reminder from your friendly neighborhood sysadmin! 😉


These episodes of 24 seem to be getting shorter and shorter every week.  As 10 PM nears, I find myself saying in my best Jack Bauer: “THEY ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!”

Evening Plans: Plans have been made for tonight, and I am really looking forward to them. She also wants to borrow some of my jazz CDs. ;-)

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