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Just One Simple Question

I have to ask one question that popped into my head this morning while working out.

When did Mariah Carey get hot?

I am serious about this.  I remember her as the singer with the curly hair and okay looks when I was in college, singing various pop tunes to which I never listened.  Someone else on one of the treadmills in front of me had MTV on, and there appears to be an advertising blitz on for her.  I just do not remember her being that hot.

Some of this may be through the assistance of cosmetic surgery, but that is quite a transformation through the years.

Damn You NPR!!!!

While listening to NPR’s Morning Edition this morning, I heard a piece in which there was a report on Ohio town that lost 12 Marines last year.  In the piece, they spoke to someone at the local watering hole in which they remarked how they liked Toby Keith and his song "I Love This Bar."  I am no fan of Toby Keith, but thanks to this piece I cannot get that damn song out of my head.  Damn Toby Keith and his damn music!  Must get song out of my head! 

Client Time

Off to a client-site this morning after working from home.

Rising Comment Spam

I need to take a look at possibly closing my older posts, as the comment spammers have been active on my old posts, much to the chagrin of Akismet, which has worked so well for me thus far.

Willie Nile

I keep hearing Willie Nile on WRNR and WTMD, and I can’t get them out of my head.  I normally listen to the music as opposed to the lyrics of songs, but his songs are pretty well-written.

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