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Apple’s Product “Euphoria”

From The Oatmeal, “What it’s like to own an Apple Product,”

I appreciate “Banking Clippy” advising the fanboy on what to spend his money on in lieu of App Store purchases.  The best part, though, has to be the depths an Apple owner will plumb for the next new product.

An Enjoyable Sight: Will the iPad Blend?

For those of us who are sick and tired of the iPad hype, the following YouTube video was a beauty to behold. For you iPad lovers out there, pay close attention to the :34 second mark .

Oh, and the iPad does blend.

Today’s WWDC News: It’s Got a COMPASS!!!

As most regular readers and acquaintances of mine know, my distaste for all things Apple knows no bounds.  Today, of course, if you are an Apple fanboy, the rapture occurred in the form of Apple’s Worldide Developers Conference (WWDC).  If, on the other hand, you are like me, then the very bane of your existence occurred today.

The big news at WWDC, of course, was the coming new version of the iPhone–or, as I call it, the JeebusPhone.  Now, the iPhone will have all the following features :

  • Cut, Copy, and Paste!
  • Video!
  • Voice Control!
  • Improved Battery Life!
  • MMS!
  • Compass!

Now, mind you that a number of current smartphones on the market have had these features for some time.  Heck, even my old Motorola e815 had these features before the iPhone.  Admittedly, the compass is something most phones do not have, but I am struggling to come up with a true need-case where my phone must have a compass.

Of course, however, with the typical Apple upgrade comes the price one pays.  All the fanboys are atwitter–literally–over the upgrade pricing fiasco. All of this reminds me of one of the better recent Simpsons parodies in some time.

As Luck Would Have It

By some interesting run of luck, I took first place in predicting the winner of the NCAA tournament.  Apparently, I will be the recipient of an iPod Touch.  I anticipate using this around the house for wireless access and maybe just using it for podcasts.

So, the question becomes, how long before I jailbreak it?

The Simpsons at Their Satirical Best

I finally watched last night’s episode of The Simpsons–Mypods and Broomsticks–this evening.  I was too busy catching up on some of the other shows I had recorded to my DVR–how did I view television prior to this wonderful invention?  I have to say that last night’s satire poking fun at Apple, the cult of Apple, and their products was just brilliant.  If you have not watched it, please watch it for the first five minutes.

“He’s like a god who knows what we want!”

That scene is just brilliant, and it plays on so many levels. And it appeals to the Apple Hater deep inside my core.

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