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Advertising Circular Discovery – 11 May 2010

Date: 11 May 2010

Street Address: Scott Street, Baltimore, MD

Location: Circulars left on railing of front steps.

Number of Circulars: 2

Discovery of Circulars: See image below.


Circular 1

Business: Pizza Time,

Address: 2511 Washington Boulevard

Actual advertisement is photographed below.



Circular 2

Business: Wings Things “N” More

Address: 3170 Wilkens Avenue

Actual advertisement is photographed below.



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  1. And then, of course, you put in the 311 call (because they’re illegal now, natch), and they tell you to LEAVE THE FLYERS THERE until their inspector comes by. Which means that your house better be in order, buddy, because they’ll cite you if anything is out of place. Learned that the hard way, I did.

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