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Shiny Things on the Internet

Not much time to post on everything, but here is everything that has gotten some of my attention lately:

  • LATFH – Look at this f!@#$ing hipster
    • Anyone who is familiar with my distaste for all things hipster can understand my newfound appreciation of this Tumblog.
  • Windows 7
    • The “early bird” offer expired on Saturday, but those of us who participated in the Windows 7 Beta and Release Candidate “programs” had the opportunity to purchase Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional for $49 and $99, respectively.  I opted for Windows 7 Home Premium, and based on my experience with the RC, I am looking forward to the final version.  I actually purchased my advance copy from with my membership, and the upgrade price was even cheaper.
  • Windows 3.11
    • Thanks to the generosity of Evan, I have floppy disks containing Windows 3.11.  In what may wind up being a very small yet entertaining project, I am going to see if I can install Win 3.11 in a virtual machine.  The event will either be highly entertaining or frustrating.
  • Getting Single Page Views on
    • In the redesign of, it looks like they have incorporated two terrible elements in a brazen attempt to garner pageviews.  One of these elements is an incredibly annoying ad on the first page of the site.  The second element, however, is the obfuscation of single-page viewing of their longer articles.  So, my new quest is to find a way to utilize in a way that gets me the content I want.  One thing that is sure to happen is adoption of AdBlock Plus in Firefox (again).  The other thing, though, is a way to set my browser identification to something that will just give me text back.  The latter is going to take some more effort.


  1. I have a Windows 3.1 VM at work, it works reasonably well.

  2. LATFH, wow! I thought I was the only one who wishes they’d get a grip.

  3. Ugh, I too dislike the Sun’s new website. In particular the full page ad you are redirected to when you try to view a story. It drives me nuts when you can see the article you want and THEN they hide it behind the ad. If you want me to see an ad, fine, but take me to that first, don’t give me a brief view of the article. Also they really should have it set to only show you the ad once per session, since it’s the same stupid thing. This redesign is doing nothing to make me less of a New-York-Times-Reading New England Liberal Elitist Intellectual. I miss the Globe.

  4. @tfg: Good to know. What’s the VM software of choice?

    @midwestie: I have to admit I have a new and wonderful appreciation for mocking he hipsters.

    @Alison: Hey! You found me on teh Interwebs. You have hit every major point I have with the Baltimore Sun. After I discovered the problem with the single-page reading and the annoying obnoxious ad, I decided to make full use of AdBlock Plus for Firefox again. I had this problem with an ad on their site sometime ago that would just freeze Firefox.

    As for the NYT/Globe, I do go to them from time to time. Before the Sun became crappy, though, I wound up appreciating its tenacious organization. The Globe used to annoy me in my days at BU with its constant movement of the comics. I do have priorities. 😉

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