Last weekend was all too brief, and, as my weekends have become, full of activity both mundance and exciting.  Of course, the concept of exciting is a relative one.

  • Friday Evening
    • A farewell happy hour for a contractor becomes a longer evening of conversation and beverages.  A good time was had, but I wound up staying out much later than expected.
  • Saturday
    • Early morning errands following a quick workout.  Groceries from Wegmans, some house-sitting to check in on my friends’ cats, picking up some dry cleaning, and other miscellany.  I am convinced to come out for a CD release party at the 8×10, and I wind up having a nightcap.  While heading to my usual location, I ran into a high school friend of mine I have not seen for some time–near 15 years.  I now have his business card, and I will be getting in touch with him soon.
  • Sunday
    • Some local folks I know from the Internets convinced me to participate in a “Sunday Funday” duck tour.  Prior to meeting everyone in Fell’s Point, though, I stop off at the Farmer’s Market beneath the Jones Falls Expressway for some essentials–vegetables and coffee.  It is then that I realize that even 8:30 AM is not early enough to avoid the onslaught of slow-walking and stroller-wielding shoppers.  Clearly, I am not one for large crowds where I shop.

Sunday evening was spent in relative solitude, and I wound up napping on my couch for a little bit before going to bed.  I am, however, looking forward to this holiday-shortened week.  It will also help that I will be taking a couple of days off this week in addition to the company holiday.