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Today’s WWDC News: It’s Got a COMPASS!!!

As most regular readers and acquaintances of mine know, my distaste for all things Apple knows no bounds.  Today, of course, if you are an Apple fanboy, the rapture occurred in the form of Apple’s Worldide Developers Conference (WWDC).  If, on the other hand, you are like me, then the very bane of your existence occurred today.

The big news at WWDC, of course, was the coming new version of the iPhone–or, as I call it, the JeebusPhone.  Now, the iPhone will have all the following features :

  • Cut, Copy, and Paste!
  • Video!
  • Voice Control!
  • Improved Battery Life!
  • MMS!
  • Compass!

Now, mind you that a number of current smartphones on the market have had these features for some time.  Heck, even my old Motorola e815 had these features before the iPhone.  Admittedly, the compass is something most phones do not have, but I am struggling to come up with a true need-case where my phone must have a compass.

Of course, however, with the typical Apple upgrade comes the price one pays.  All the fanboys are atwitter–literally–over the upgrade pricing fiasco. All of this reminds me of one of the better recent Simpsons parodies in some time.

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  1. I was disappointed, I wanted them to release Snow Leopard yesterday. As for the iPhone it is a no sale for me since I don’t want to move to ATT.

    As for a need for a compass here is where it could be useful. You are looking at a google map on your iPhone and you have no idea if you are facing East or West on street/highway/etc you are on. A compass can help with this. Aside from that it is currently *yawn* feature.

    As for anyone complaining about the upgrade price my intial reaction is “you signed the 2 year contract to get your fancy iPhone 3G if you want to upgrade before then you need to pay up like anyone else would have to!” Although from a business standpoint (both ATT & Apple) you do want to make these early upgrade prices such they maximize profits and minimize great pain b/c some of the people who bought the 3G are your best customers (i.e. they are the early adopter who always want the latest and greatest thing Apple is selling.)

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