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Rising Comment Spam

I need to take a look at possibly closing my older posts, as the comment spammers have been active on my old posts, much to the chagrin of Akismet, which has worked so well for me thus far.


  1. I far prefer Spam Karma 2 to Akismet. Akismet is too MT-Blacklist-esque for my liking. I like my blog spam protection to work a little more natively.

    There was a serious rash of trackback spam on twoassholes that I noticed last week. I wasn’t running any kind of spam stop on there because it generates so little traffic and gets posted to so infrequently. After I installed SK2, 142 TB spams were squashed (and counting) with a grand total of 0 getting through. Yay SK2.

  2. SK2 will be looked at this week.

  3. I’ve noticed a big spike in spam commente in the last couple days. Normally it isn’t a huge deal to keep up with but since I was traveling it sucked to have to deal with 150+ spam comments at night. Luckily WordPress has caught a decent number of the spam and held it for moderation.

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